The SAFARI Research Group is led by Professor Onur Mutlu.  We are part of the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (D-ITET) at ETH Zurich.

Our group conducts cutting-edge research and education in computer architecture, computing systems, hardware security, bioinformatics, and software/hardware co-design. The major goal is to design fundamentally better computing architectures. Our work spans the boundaries between applications, systems, languages, system software, compilers, and hardware, with architecture at the core. We tackle many fundamental issues in high performance, energy efficiency, hardware security, fault tolerance, predictable systems, dependable systems, hardware/software cooperation, and genome analysis. We are especially excited about novel, fundamentally-secure and fundamentally-efficient computation, communication and memory/storage paradigms. Recent impactful examples of the group’s work include leading research into memory/storage systems and new computing paradigms, e.g., the discovery of the DRAM RowHammer vulnerability and the development of a comprehensive Processing-in-Memory paradigm.

Bachelor and Master's Theses and Semester Projects 

We are always looking for highly qualified and motivated students and researchers.  If you are an ETH student and are interested in doing a bachelor or master's thesis with us, or a semester project, please see our Theses and Projects page for potential topics.

If you are about to finish your bachelor or master’s degree or are already doing research and are interested in working with us at any level (internship, PhD, postdoc, visiting scholar), please visit our Work with us page.



  • Congratulations to Damla Senol Cali on successfully defending her PhD!
    Thesis:  Accelerating Genome Sequence Analysis via Efficient Hardware/Algorithm Co-Design Abstract: Genome sequence analysis plays a pivotal role in enabling many medical and scientific advancements in personalized medicine, outbreak tracing, the understanding of evolution, and forensics. Modern […]
  • SAFARI Live Seminar: Geraldo F. Oliveira 22 July 2021
    We are pleased to have Geraldo F. Oliveira give a 3rd talk in our SAFARI Live Seminars! Thursday, July 22 at 5:00 pm Zurich time (CEST) DAMOV: A New Methodology and Benchmark Suite for Evaluating Data Movement Bottlenecks Geraldo F. Oliveira, SAFARI Research Group, D-ITET, ETH Zurich Livestream at […]
  • SAFARI Live Seminar: Andrew Walker 19 July 2021
    We are excited to have Andrew Walker as a speaker in July for our SAFARI Live Seminars! Monday, July 19 at 6:00 pm Zurich time (CEST) Andrew Walker, Schiltron Corporation & Nexgen Power Systems An Addiction to Low Cost Per Memory Bit – How to Recognize it and What to Do About it […]
  • SAFARI Live Seminar: Juan Gomez-Luna 12 July 2021
    We are excited to kick off our summer SAFARI Live Seminars with our first talk next week! Monday, July 12 at 5:00 pm Zurich time (CEST) Understanding a Modern Processing-in-Memory Architecture: Benchmarking and Experimental Characterization Dr. Juan Gomez-Luna, SAFARI Research Group, D-ITET, ETH […]
  • Join us as ISCA 2021 for our talks
    ISCA 2021 Program: Tuesday, June 15 Session 6B: Memory II 12 pm EDT: Lois Orosa, Yaohua Wang, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Jeremie S. Kim, Minesh Patel, Ivan Puddu, Haocong Luo, Kaveh Razavi, Juan Gomez-Luna, Hasan Hassan, Nika Mansouri-Ghiasi, Saugata Ghose, […]
  • Congratulations to Nastaran Hajinazar on her successful PhD Defence
    Nastaran successfully defended her PhD thesis in June 2021.  Congratulations Nastaran!  We look forward to many more collaborations with you in the future.   Thesis: Data-Centric and Data-Aware Frameworks for Fundamentally Efficient Data Handling in Modern Computing Systems Abstract: There is an […]
  • Congratulations to Gagandeep Singh on his successful PhD Defence
    Gagan successfully defended his PhD thesis in March 2021.  We are excited that Gagan will stay on with SAFARI as a postdoc and we look forward many successful collaborations with him.  Congratulations Gagan! Gagandeep Singh, March 2021 (defended 29 March 2021) Thesis title: “Designing, Modeling, […]
  • Reducing Solid-State Drive Read Latency by Optimizing Read-Retry
    Watch our recent talk at ASPLOS 2021: Jisung Park, Myungsuk Kim, Myoungjun Chun, Lois Orosa, Jihong Kim, and Onur Mutlu, “Reducing Solid-State Drive Read Latency by Optimizing Read-Retry” Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages […]