Mohammed Alser wins IEEE Turkey PhD Dissertation Award

Mohammed Alser’s PhD thesis was one of the very few selected to win the IEEE Turkey PhD Dissertation Award. This is a selective honor based on a competition between 100+ PhD theses written in Turkey in the last two years. Congratulations, Mohammed!


Mohammed’s PhD thesis is entitled “Accelerating the Understanding of Life’s Code Through Better Algorithms and Hardware Design”. A recent publication based on his thesis is Gatekeeper, a system that can accelerate DNA read mapping by an order of magnitude. You can read about it here:

Mohammed Alser, Hasan Hassan, Hongyi Xin, Oguz Ergin, Onur Mutlu, and Can Alkan
“GateKeeper: A New Hardware Architecture for Accelerating Pre-Alignment in DNA Short Read Mapping”
Bioinformatics, [published online, May 31], 2017.
[Source Code]
[Online link at Bioinformatics Journal]

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