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This is the application submission site to be considered for being a researcher in the SAFARI Research Group, directed by Professor Onur Mutlu (Publications and Teaching).

If you are interested in doing research in the SAFARI Research Group, please make sure you apply through this submissions site and supply as many of the requested documents and information as possible. Please read and follow the provided instructions and submit as complete an application as possible (given the position you are applying for).

We suggest studying the following materials before submission:
SAFARI Publications and Courses
Onur Mutlu's Online Lectures and Course Materials

We strongly recommend that you read and analyze critically as many recent papers from our group as possible. This is the best way to prepare for the application process. Our recommendation is that you use professor Mutlu’s methodology for critically analyzing papers.
Guide On Reviewing Papers

Good luck!

Welcome to the SAFARI at ETH Zurich -- PhD, Postdoc, Internship, Visiting Researcher Applications (SAFARI Researcher Applications) submissions site.

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