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Seminar in Computer Architecture – Fall 2020 (227-2211-00L)

Welcome to the wiki for Seminar in Computer Architecture for Fall 2020



Thursday, 16:15-18:00, in LFW C 5. We will keep meeting over Zoom until further notice. Zoom link is provided in the Moodle page.

Course Information


In this seminar course, we will cover fundamental and cutting-edge research papers in computer architecture. The course will consist of multiple components that are aimed at improving students' (1) technical skills in computer architecture, (2) critical thinking and analysis abilities on computer architecture concepts, as well as (3) technical presentation of concepts and papers in both spoken and written forms.


The main objective is to learn how to rigorously analyze and present papers and ideas on computer architecture. We will have rigorous presentation and discussion of selected papers during lectures and a written report delivered by each student at the end of the semester.

This course is for those interested in computer architecture. Registered students are expected to attend every meeting, participate in the discussion, and create a synthesis report at the end of the course.


Topics will center around computer architecture. We will, for example, discuss papers on hardware security; accelerators for key applications like machine learning, graph processing and bioinformatics; memory systems; interconnects; processing in memory; various fundamental and emerging paradigms in computer architecture; hardware/software co-design and cooperation; fault tolerance; energy efficiency; heterogeneous and parallel systems; new execution models; predictable computing, etc.

Course description page
Piazza (Q&A forum)
Zoom meetings


Digital Design and Computer Architecture

Students should (1) have done very well in the “Digital Design and Computer Architecture” course and (2) show a genuine interest in Computer Architecture.

Staff Information


Name E-mail Office Phone Office Hours
Instructor Onur Mutlu CAB F 74.2 +41 44 632 88 53
Instructor Mohammed Alser CAB F 72 TBD
Instructor Juan Gomez Luna CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant Jisung Park CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant Rahul Bera CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant João Dinis Ferreira CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant Geraldo Francisco De Oliveira Junior CAB F 74.2
Teaching Assistant Can Firtina CAB F 74.2
Teaching Assistant Jawad Haj-Yahya CAB F 72 +41 76 220 11 25
Teaching Assistant Hasan Hassan CAB E 78
Teaching Assistant Konstantinos Kanellopoulos CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant Jeremie Kim CAB E 78 +41 44 632 24 96
Teaching Assistant Nika Mansouri Ghiasi CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant Haiyu Mao ETZ H 64 +41 76 830 60 68
Teaching Assistant Lois Orosa Nogueira CAB D 77
Teaching Assistant Minesh Hamenbhai Patel CAB E 78 +41 44 632 65 84
Teaching Assistant Gagandeep Singh CAB E 77
Teaching Assistant Kosta Stojiljkovic ETZ H 64
Teaching Assistant Abdullah Giray Yaglikci CAB F 74.2
Teaching Assistant Nastaran Hajinazar
Teaching Assistant Damla Senol Cali
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