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 ===== Lecture 6.b (22.10 Thu.) ===== ===== Lecture 6.b (22.10 Thu.) =====
 === Suggested (lecture 6.b): === === Suggested (lecture 6.b): ===
 +  * {{https://​​~lin/​papers/​micro06.pdf|I. Hur and C.Lin, "​Memory Prefetching using Adaptive Stream Detection,"​ MICRO, 2006}} 
 +  * {{https://​​~steffan/​carg/​readings/​ghb.pdf|K. J. Nesbit and J. E. Smith, "Data Cache Prefetching Using a Global History Buffer,"​ HPCA, 2004}} 
 +  * {{http://​​pub/​hashemi_isca16.pdf|M. Hasemi et al., "​Accelerating Dependent Cache Misses with an Enhanced Memory Controller,"​ ISCA, 2016}}
 ===== Lecture 7.a (29.10 Thu.) ===== ===== Lecture 7.a (29.10 Thu.) =====
 === Suggested (lecture 7.a): === === Suggested (lecture 7.a): ===
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 === Suggested (lecture 7.b): === === Suggested (lecture 7.b): ===
     * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​ramulator_dram_simulator-ieee-cal15.pdf | Kim, Yoongu, Weikun Yang, and Onur Mutlu. "​Ramulator:​ A Fast and Extensible DRAM Simulator"​ CAL, 2015}}     * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​ramulator_dram_simulator-ieee-cal15.pdf | Kim, Yoongu, Weikun Yang, and Onur Mutlu. "​Ramulator:​ A Fast and Extensible DRAM Simulator"​ CAL, 2015}}
 +===== Lecture 9 (12.11 Thu.) =====
 +=== Suggested (lecture 9.a): ===
 +  * {{http://​​viewdoc/​download?​doi=​rep=rep1&​type=pdf|M. Abadi et al., "​Control-Flow Integrity,"​ CCS, 2005}}
 +  * {{https://​​media/​blogs/​hagai-on-security/​Sorcerers_Apprentice_Guide.pdf|H. Bar-El et al., "The Sorcerer'​s Apprentice Guide to Fault Attacks,"​ Proc. IEEE, 2006}}
 +  * {{https://​​doc/​plundervolt.pdf|Murdock,​ Kit, et al. "​Plundervolt:​ Software-Based Fault Injection Attacks Against Intel SGX," IEEE SP, 2020}}
 +  * {{https://​​system/​files/​conference/​usenixsecurity17/​sec17-tang.pdf|,​ A. Tang et al., "​CLKScrew:​ Exposign the Perils of Security-Oblivious Energy Management,"​ USENIX SEC, 2017}}
 +=== Suggested (lecture 9.b): ===
 +    * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​dram-row-hammer_isca14.pdf|Y. Kim et al., “Flipping Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them: AnExperimental Study of DRAM Disturbance Errors,” in ISCA, 2014}}
 +    * {{barenghi2018softwareonly.pdf|A. Barenghiet al., “Software-Only Reverse Engineering of Physical DRAM Mappings for RowHammer Attacks,” inIVSW, 2018}}
 +    * {{https://​​papers/​eccploit_sp19.pdf|L. Cojocaret al., “Exploiting Correcting Codes: On the Effectiveness of ECC Memory Against Rowhammer Attacks,” in S&P, 2019}}
 +    * {{https://​​docs/​us-15/​materials/​us-15-Seaborn-Exploiting-The-DRAM-Rowhammer-Bug-To-Gain-Kernel-Privileges.pdf|M. Seaborn and T. Dullien, “Exploiting the DRAM Rowhammer Bug to Gain Kernel Privileges,​” in Black Hat 
 +USA, 2015}}
 +    * {{http://​​seclab/​pubs/​host16.pdf|R. Qiao and M. Seaborn, “A New Approach for Rowhammer Attacks,​”in HOST, 2016}}
 +    * {{https://​​files/​flipinthewall.pdf|D. Gruss et al., “Another Flip in the Wall of Rowhammer Defenses,​” in IEEE S&P, 2018}}
 +    * {{https://​​system/​files/​conference/​usenixsecurity16/​sec16_paper_razavi.pdf|K. Razavi et al., “Flip Feng Shui: Hammering a Needle in the SoftwareStack,​” in USENIX Security, 2016}}
 +    * {{khan2018analysis.pdf|Mohammad Khan and Swaroop Ghosh. "​Analysis of Row Hammer Attack on STTRAM,"​ in ICCD, 2018.}}
 +===== Lecture 10 (19.11 Thu.) =====
 +=== Suggested (lecture 10.a): ===
 +  * {{dpuf_sutar.pdf|S. Sutar, A. Raha, D. Kulkarni, R. Shorey, J. Tew, and V. Raghunathan,​ “D-PUF: An Intrinsically Reconfigurable DRAM PUF for Device Authentication and Random Number Generation,​” TECS, 2018.}}
 +  * {{deterministic_encryption.pdf|M. Bellare, R. Dowsley, and S. Keelveedhi, "How Secure is Deterministic Encryption?"​ IACR International Workshop on Public Key Cryptography,​ 2015.}}
 +  * {{tehranipoor_robust_TRNG.pdf|F. Tehranipoor,​ W. Yan, and J. A. Chandy, “Robust Hardware True Random Number Generators using DRAM Remanence Effects,” HOST, 2016.}}
 +  * {{keller_trng.pdf|C. Keller, F. Gurkaynak, H. Kaeslin, and N. Felber, “Dynamic Memory-based
 +Physically Unclonable Function for the Generation of Unique Identifiers and
 +True Random Numbers,” ISCAS, 2014.}}
 +=== Suggested (lecture 10.b): ===
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​rowclone_micro13.pdf| V. Seshadri, Y. Kim, C. Fallin, D. Lee, R. Ausavarungnirun,​ G. Pekhimenko, Y. Luo, O. Mutlu, M.A. Kozuch, P.B. Gibbons, T.C. Mowry, "​RowClone:​ Fast and Energy-Efficient In-DRAM Bulk Data Copy and Initialization,"​ MICRO, 2013.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​ambit-bulk-bitwise-dram_micro17.pdf| V. Seshadri, D. Lee, T. Mullins, H. Hassan, A. Boroumand, J. Kim, M.A. Kozuch, O. Mutlu, P.B. Gibbons, T.C. Mowry, “Ambit: In-Memory Accelerator for Bulk Bitwise Operations Using Commodity DRAM Technology,​” MICRO, 2017.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​Google-consumer-workloads-data-movement-and-PIM_asplos18.pdf| A. Boroumand, S. Ghose, Y. Kim, R. Ausavarungnirun,​ E. Shiu, R. Thakur, D. Kim, A. Kuusela, A. Knies, P. Ranganathan,​ and O. Mutlu, "​Google Workloads for Consumer Devices: Mitigating Data Movement Bottlenecks,​” ASPLOS, 2018.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​processing-in-memory_workload-driven-perspective_IBMjrd19.pdf|S. Ghose, A. Boroumand, J. S. Kim, J. Gomez-Luna, and O. Mutlu, "​Processing-in-Memory:​ A Workload-Driven Perspective,"​ IBM Journal of Research & Development,​ 2019}} ​
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​softMC_hpca17.pdf|H. Hassan, N. Vijaykumar, S. Khan, S. Ghose, K. Chang, G. Pekhimenko, D. Lee, O. Ergin, O. Mutlu, "​SoftMC:​ A Flexible and Practical Open-Source Infrastructure for Enabling Experimental DRAM Studies,"​ HPCA 2017}}
 +  * {{https://​​~omutlu/​pub/​lisa-dram_hpca16.pdf|K. K. Chang, P. J. Nair, S. Ghose, D. Lee, M. K. Qureshi, O. Mutlu, "​Low-Cost Inter-Linked Subarrays (LISA): Enabling Fast Inter-Subarray Data Movement in DRAM," HPCA 2016}}
 +  * {{dac19-aligns.pdf|S. Angizi, J. Sun, W. Zhang, D. Fan, "​AlignS:​ A processing-in-memory accelerator for DNA short read alignment leveraging SOT-MRAM,"​ DAC 2019}}
 +  * {{isca19-duality.pdf|D. Fujiki, S. Mahlke, R. Das, "​Duality cache for data parallel acceleration,"​ ISCA 2019}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​salp-dram_isca12.pdf| Yoongu Kim, Vivek Seshadri, Donghyuk Lee, Jamie Liu, and Onur Mutlu, "A Case for Exploiting Subarray-Level Parallelism (SALP) in DRAM," ISCA 2012}}
 +  * {{micro17-drisa.pdf| S. Li, D. Niu, K.T. Malladi, H. Zheng, B. Brennan, Y. Xie, "​Drisa:​ A dram-based reconfigurable in-situ accelerator,"​ MICRO 2017}}
 +  * {{dac18-dracc.pdf| Q. Deng, L. Jiang, Y. Zhang, M. Zhang, J. Yang, "​DrAcc:​ a DRAM based accelerator for accurate CNN inference,"​ DAC 2018}}
 +===== Lecture 12 (03.12 Thu.) =====
 +=== Suggested (lecture 12.a): ===
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​dram-row-hammer_isca14.pdf|Y. Kim, R. Daly, J. Kim, C. Fallin, J.H. Lee, D. Lee, C. Wilkerson, K. Lai, O. Mutlu, "​Flipping Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them: An Experimental Study of DRAM Disturbance Errors,"​ ISCA 2014}}
 +  * {{https://​​pdf/​1904.09724.pdf|O. Mutlu, J. S. Kim, RowHammer: A Retrospective,"​ arXiv, 2019}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​Revisiting-RowHammer_isca20.pdf|Jeremie S. Kim, Minesh Patel, A. Giray Yaglikci, Hasan Hassan,​Roknoddin Azizi, Lois Orosa, and Onur Mutlu,"​Revisiting RowHammer: An Experimental Analysis of Modern Devices and Mitigation Techniques",​ ISCA, 2020.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​rowhammer-TRRespass_ieee_security_privacy20.pdf | Pietro Frigo, Emanuele Vannacci, Hasan Hassan, Victor van der Veen, Onur Mutlu, Cristiano Giuffrida, Herbert Bos, and Kaveh Razavi, "​TRRespass:​ Exploiting the Many Sides of Target Row Refresh",​ Proceedings of the 41st IEEE Symposium on Security and. Privacy (S&P), 2020}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​raidr-dram-refresh_isca12.pdf | J. Liu, B. Jaiyen, R. Veras, and O. Mutlu. "​RAIDR:​ Retention-aware intelligent DRAM refresh.",​ in ACM SIGARCH, 2012}}
 +  * {{https://​​papers/​eccploit_sp19.pdf|L. Cojocaret al., “Exploiting Correcting Codes: On the Effectiveness of ECC Memory Against Rowhammer Attacks,” in S&P, 2019}}
 +  * {{https://​​docs/​us-15/​materials/​us-15-Seaborn-Exploiting-The-DRAM-Rowhammer-Bug-To-Gain-Kernel-Privileges.pdf|M. Seaborn and T. Dullien, “Exploiting the DRAM Rowhammer Bug to Gain Kernel Privileges,​” in Black Hat 
 +USA, 2015}}
 +  * {{https://​​files/​flipinthewall.pdf|D. Gruss et al., “Another Flip in the Wall of Rowhammer Defenses,​” in IEEE S&P, 2018}}
 +=== Suggested (lecture 12.b): ===
 +  * {{ https://​​legacy/​events/​leet08/​tech/​full_papers/​king/​king.pdf | S. T. King, et al. “Designing and implementing malicious hardware”,​ in LEET 2008 }}
 +  * {{ liu2013.pdf | Yu Liu, Yier Jin and Yiorgos Makris. "​Hardware Trojans in Wireless Cryptographic ICs: Silicon Demonstration & Detection Method Evaluation",​ in ICCAD 2013 }}
 +  * {{ trippel2020.pdf | Trippel, T., Shin, K.G., Bush, K.B. and Hicks, M., 2020, May. "ICAS: an Extensible Framework for Estimating the Susceptibility of IC Layouts to Additive Trojans",​ in IEEE SP, 2020}}
 +  * {{ https://​​pdf/​1906.08842 | Trippel, Timothy, Kang G. Shin, Kevin B. Bush, and Matthew Hicks. "​T-TER:​ Defeating A2 Trojans with Targeted Tamper-Evident Routing",​ arXiv preprint, 2019}}
 +===== Lecture 13 (10.12 Thu.) =====
 +=== Suggested (lecture 13.a): ===
 +  * {{ https://​​omutlu/​pub/​shouji-genome-prealignment-filter_bionformatics19.pdf| Mohammed Alser, Hasan Hassan, Akash Kumar, Onur Mutlu, and Can Alkan, "​Shouji:​ A Fast and Efficient Pre-Alignment Filter for Sequence Alignment",​ Bioinformatics,​ 2019.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​gatekeeper_FPGA-genome-prealignment-accelerator_bionformatics17.pdf | Mohammed Alser, Hasan Hassan, Hongyi Xin, Oguz Ergin, Onur Mutlu, and Can Alkan, "​GateKeeper:​ A New Hardware Architecture for Accelerating Pre-Alignment in DNA Short Read Mapping",​ Bioinformatics,​ 2017.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​SneakySnake_UniversalGenomePrealignmentFilter_bioinformatics20.pdf | Mohammed Alser, Taha Shahroodi, Juan-Gomez Luna, Can Alkan, and Onur Mutlu,"​SneakySnake:​ A Fast and Accurate Universal Genome Pre-Alignment Filter for CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs"
 +Bioinformatics,​ to appear in 2020.}}
 +  * {{ https://​​omutlu/​pub/​AcceleratingGenomeAnalysis_ieeemicro20.pdf| Mohammed Alser, Zulal Bingol, Damla Senol Cali, Jeremie Kim, Saugata Ghose, Can Alkan, and Onur Mutlu,"​Accelerating Genome Analysis: A Primer on an Ongoing Journey"​
 +IEEE Micro (IEEE MICRO), Vol. 40, No. 5, pages 65-75, September/​October 2020.}}
 +  * {{https://​​omutlu/​pub/​GenASM-approximate-string-matching-framework-for-genome-analysis_micro20.pdf | Damla Senol Cali, Gurpreet S. Kalsi, Zulal Bingol, Can Firtina, Lavanya Subramanian,​ Jeremie S. Kim, Rachata Ausavarungnirun,​ Mohammed Alser, Juan Gomez-Luna, Amirali Boroumand, Anant Nori, Allison Scibisz, Sreenivas Subramoney, Can Alkan, Saugata Ghose, and Onur Mutlu, "​GenASM:​ A High-Performance,​ Low-Power Approximate String Matching Acceleration Framework for Genome Sequence Analysis",​ Proceedings of the 53rd International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), Virtual, October 2020.}}
 +  * {{https://​​pdf/​1711.01177.pdf | Jeremie S. Kim, Damla Senol Cali, Hongyi Xin, Donghyuk Lee, Saugata Ghose, Mohammed Alser, Hasan Hassan, Oguz Ergin, Can Alkan, and Onur Mutlu,
 +"​GRIM-Filter:​ Fast Seed Location Filtering in DNA Read Mapping Using Processing-in-Memory Technologies"​
 +BMC Genomics, 2018.}}
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