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 ====== Final Synthesis Report ====== ====== Final Synthesis Report ======
-===== Final synthesis report assignment ​(Due: TBD) ===== +The final synthesis report assignment ​will be announced right after the last student presentation. ​ 
-Please carefully read the instructions provided ​in the first paragraph of the synthesis report. +To have an idea about it please check the assigned synthesis report ​in the previous semester: https://​​architecture_seminar/​spring2020/​doku.php?​id=synthesis_report
-This is a sample of Synthesis Report from previous semester. +
- +
-  * {{semcomparch_ss19_final_synthesis_report.pdf | Synthesis Report Assignment (.pdf)}} +
-  * {{semcomparch_ss19_final_synthesis_report.docx | Synthesis Report Assignment (.docx)}} +
-  * [[TBD | Submission Page]]+
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