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 +=====February 24 2021=====
 +Dear Computer Architecture Seminar Students,
-Dear Students,+Welcome to the Seminar in Computer Architecture course. ​
-As you may already be informed about the latest decisions ​of the ETH Rector, we would like to rephrase our previous announcement into the following:+With the aim of complying with COVID-19 safety measures, we have decided ​to go fully online this semester, too. Our experience with a fully-online seminar in the past Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters was really successful and we hope it will be the same for this semester.
-1. All students should meet the assigned mentors ONLINE via zoom/​skype/​etc. Please ​contact your mentors as early as possible (ASAP) ​and start scheduling for your meetings.+Before ​the start of this course on Thursday, we will provide you with information on how to attend the online seminars. Please ​check frequently announcements on Moodle ​and the course website.
-2. All seminar sessions will be scheduled online via Zoom. More information on this will be provided accordingly.+We are very much looking forward to an exciting course and semester with you all, covering fascinating topics in Computer Architecture.
-3. Students will not be allowed to access ETH buildings and the classroom. Thus, the online attendance is required of all seminar students, including the presenter. More information on this will be provided soon.+We wish you the best with all your courses ​this semester.
-4. We will provide a short questionnaire right after each presentation. For that it is very important that each non-presenting student pays full attention to each presenter. +Professor Onur Mutlu, ​ 
- +DrMohammed Alser, ​ 
-Please stay healthy and happy+DrJuan Gómez Luna
- +
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