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Buzzwords are terms that are mentioned during lecture which are particularly important to understand thoroughly. This page tracks the buzzwords for each of the lectures and can be used as a reference for finding gaps in your understanding of course material.

Lecture 1 (25.02 Thu.)

Lecture 2 (04.03 Thu.)

  • Data Movement
  • Processing in memory (PIM)
  • In-memory computation/processing
  • Near-data processing (NDP)
  • UPMEM Processing-in-DRAM Engine
  • 3D-stacked memory
  • RowClone
  • Gather/Scatter DRAM
  • Bulk data copy and initialization
  • In-Memory copy
  • Intra-subarray
  • Inter-bank
  • Memory as an accelerator
  • Low-cost Inter-linked subarrays (LISA)
  • Fine-Grained In-DRAM Copy (FIGARO)
  • Network-On-Memory
  • Bulk Bitwise in-DRAM Computation (Ambit)
  • Intelligent Memory Device
  • ComputeDRAM
  • Dual Contact Cell
  • New memory technologies
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