BlockHammer finalist: Intel Hardware Security Academic Award


We were excited to be nominated as one of four finalists for the Intel Hardware Security Academic Award for our work on BlockHammer, our state-of-the-art throttling-based RowHammer defense.  We’d like to congratulate Abdullah Giray Yağlıkçı & team on their honorable mention amidst a very competitive field!  The winners were announced in August here.

BlockHammer detects a RowHammer attack using area-efficient Bloomfilters and selectively throttles memory requests such that no row is activated rapidly enough to induce bit flips.  BlockHammer prevents RowHammer attacks and reduces their negative impact on system performance.

A. Giray Yaglikci, Minesh Patel, Jeremie S. Kim, Roknoddin Azizi, Ataberk Olgun, Lois Orosa, Hasan Hassan, Jisung Park, Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Taha Shahroodi, Saugata Ghose, and Onur Mutlu,
“BlockHammer: Preventing RowHammer at Low Cost by Blacklisting Rapidly-Accessed DRAM Rows”
Proceedings of the 27th International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA), Virtual, February-March 2021.
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Intel Hardware Security Academic Award Finalist (one of 4 finalists out of 34 nominations).

The award was announced at Intel’s reception on Aug 10, co-located with USENIX Association Security Symposium.



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