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Digital Design and Computer Architecture

Spring 2021 (252-0028-00L)

Welcome to the wiki for Digital Design and Computer Architecture for Spring 2021


Course Information


The class provides a first introduction to the design of digital circuits and computer architecture. It covers technical foundations of how a computing platform is designed from the bottom up. It introduces various execution paradigms, hardware description languages, and principles in digital design and computer architecture. The focus is on fundamental techniques employed in the design of modern microprocessors and their hardware/software interface.


This class provides a first approach to Computer Architecture. The students learn the design of digital circuits in order to:

  • understand the basics,
  • understand the principles (of design),
  • understand the precedents (in computer architecture).

Based on such understanding, the students are expected to:

  • learn how a modern computer works underneath, from the bottom up,
  • evaluate tradeoffs of different designs and ideas,
  • implement a principled design (a simple microprocessor),
  • learn to systematically debug increasingly complex systems,
  • hopefully be prepared to develop novel, out-of-the-box designs.

The focus is on basics, principles, precedents, and how to use them to create/implement good designs.

Course description page


The course is online.
Watch the lectures in YouTube livestream:

Thursday, 14:00-16:00.
Friday, 14:00-16:00.

Lab sessions

The course is online.
We will provide links to Zoom session and more information soon.

When? Where?
Tuesday, 16:15-18:00 Click for the Zoom link
Wednesday, 16:15-18:00 Click for the Zoom link
Friday, 08:15-10:00 Click for the Zoom link
Friday, 10:15-12:00 Click for the Zoom link

Prerequisites: None.

Staff Information


Name E-mail Office Phone
Instructor Onur Mutlu ETZ G61.2
Head Teaching Assistant Juan Gomez Luna ETZ H64
Head Teaching Assistant Jisung Park ETZ H61.2
Head Teaching Assistant Hasan Hassan ETZ H61.2
Head Teaching Assistant Mohammed Alser ETZ
Head Teaching Assistant Lois Orosa ETZ
Head Teaching Assistant Minesh Patel ETZ
Teaching Assistant Jawad Haj-Yahya ETZ
Teaching Assistant Haiyu Mao ETZ H64
Teaching Assistant Behzad Salami ETZ
Teaching Assistant Jeremie Kim <> ETZ
Teaching Assistant Giray Yaglikci ETZ H61.2
Teaching Assistant Can Firtina ETZ
Teaching Assistant Geraldo De Oliveira Junior ETZ
Teaching Assistant Rahul Bera ETZ H64
Teaching Assistant Konstantinos Kanellopoulos ETZ
Teaching Assistant Nika Mansouri <> ETZ
Teaching Assistant Gagandeep Singh ETZ
Student Assistant Roknoddin Azizibarzoki
Student Assistant Kosta Stojiljkovic ETZ H64
Student Assistant Haocong
Student Assistant João Dinis Sanches Ferreira ETZ H61.1
Student Assistant Chris Mnuk
Student Assistant Lara Lazier
Student Assistant Nina Richter
Student Assistant Roberto Starc
Student Assistant Lukas Gygi
Student Assistant François Costa
Student Assistant Anaïs Berkes
Student Assistant Diego de los Santos
Student Assistant Daniel Nezamabadi
Student Assistant Bernard Pranjic
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