Endowed Lecture Series talks at University of Texas at Austin now online

Onur Mutlu was the distinguished speaker in the Endowed Lectureship Series at the University of Texas at Austin ECE Department where he gave three public talks on “Memory Systems and Memory-Centric Computing Systems: Challenges and Opportunities” on Jan 29,31 and Feb 1 2019.  The talks are now available:

Lecture 1: Memory Trends and Memory Reliability & Security [Slides (pptx)] [Video]
Lecture 2: Computation in Memory  [Slides (pptx)] [Video]
Lecture 3: Low-Latency Memory  [Slides (pptx)]
Lectures 1-3 combined  [Slides (pptx)]

He also gave the ECE Colloquium on 30 January 2019 on “Future Computing Architectures: Challenges and Opportunities”  [Slides (pptx)]

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