Google Open Source Peer Bonus for our YouTube channel

We were awarded a Google Open Source Peer Bonus for contributions to our educational YouTube channel, Onur Mutlu Lectures. Congratulations to our team who have worked hard to continually add content (creating, editing and uploading videos) and maintaining a regular output of high quality videos.

About the Google Peer Bonus:
The Google Open Source Peer Bonus recognizes individuals and teams who have made exceptional contributions to open source. It takes a broad skill set to create open source software, and historically the spotlight has focused on developers. Google employees are encouraged to nominate contributors to open source who they feel have made a significant impact.  Google announced the recent 2023 winners, selected based on the impact of their contributions to the open source project, the quality of their work, and their dedication to open source. These winners represent a set of unique open source projects, demonstrating a diverse range of domains, technologies, and communities.

Google Open Source Blog: Google Open Source Peer Bonus program announces first group of winners for 2023
D-ITET News: Onur Mutlu Lectures received a Google Open Source Peer Bonus

Onur Mutlu Lectures YouTube channel:
Since its inception in April 2017, our channel has 1000+ videos, 33,000+ subscribers and 2.5+ million views.  Our current channel grew from, and continues the tradition of our past channel that started in 2012 at CMU, Carnegie Mellon Computer Architecture.  With all of our YouTube channels, we are a strong advocate for free and open sharing of teaching and research artifacts and are committed to democratizing education through our regular posting of course lectures and talk videos online.  We livestream lectures and talks on our channel, regularly premiere conference talks, and make all our media and materials freely available on both our course websites and from our YouTube channels.  Our channels have tens of thousands of subscribers, and our online materials are used by educators, universities, researchers, students, and practitioners, including leading companies, over the globe.  Many students and universities without access to state-of-the-art computer architecture classes benefit from our online classes, and we continually receive comments of appreciation for our videos.


Over the lifetime of our channel (since inception in April 2017), we have 2.5+ million views, with our Digital Design and Computer Architecture course and Computer Architecture course having the most views in total (figure below, left).  Over the past year (June 2022 – June 2023) our videos have had 800,000+ views and these same courses have again had the highest traffic, however our SAFARI Live Seminars and invited talks have also had a significant amont of traffic (figure below, right).

Our channel videos are used over the globe by educators, researchers and practitioners, as well as by many students and universities without access to state-of-the-art computer architecture classes.  Below, we show the geographical breakdown of viewers over the past year (June 2022 – June 2023), showing the top 11 countries, with the US and India topping the list, followed by Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, UK and Turkey.

We took a closer look into a few of the viewing peaks (over a 24 hour period) to see the location of our viewers as well as what content they were watching.  Several of the large viewing peaks correspond to live or premiered invited talks at conferences and our SAFARI Live Seminars.  We can see a snapshot over the past year, below, with three main peaks over this period visible on Sept 22, 2022; Nov 22, 2022 and March 23, 2023.  The peaks are shown with the top views by country (color coded), with the top views listed by video, as well as the top video viewed.  Sept 22, 2022 shows the top video as the plenary keynote given by Onur Multu at the FUTURE CHIPS conference, premiered on our channel Sept 22, 2022.  The peaks on Nov 22, 2022 and March 23, 2023 show the top views as lecture videos, with our Digital Design and Computer Architecture course, Computer Architecture course, as well as our PIM course, topping the list.  It is interesting to note the total views during these peaks as well: Sept 22, 2022 5,200+ views; Nov 22, 2022 8,500+ views; March 23, 2023 4,400+ views.

We are excited to see the far reach of our videos over the globe, and will continue to provide new content and plan to premiere many conference talk videos as well as some of our recent tutorials and workshops.


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