Group Head

Onur Mutlu

Senior Researchers

Mohammed Alser
Senior Researcher and Lecturer

Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Specialized/Heterogeneous Computing Systems | Processing-in-Memory

Juan Gómez Luna
Senior Researcher and Lecturer

Processing-In-Memory | Heterogeneous computing | Memory Systems | Bioinformatics | Medical imaging

Haiyu Mao
Senior Researcher

Non-Volatile Memories | Processing-In-Memory | Memory Security | Machine Learning | Heterogeous Memory Systems | 

Mohammad Sadrosadati
Senior Researcher and Lecturer
Heterogeneous computing | Processing-In-Memory | Memory Systems | Interconnection Networks

PhD Students

Rahul Bera
PhD Student

Memory systems | Prefetching | Near memory computing

Nisa Bostancı
PhD Student

DRAM | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Heterogeneous Memory Systems

Lukas Breitwieser
PhD Student (at CERN)

Parallel Computing | High-Performance Computing | Distributed Systems | Large-Scale Simulations | Medical Applications | Heterogeneous Systems

Geraldo De Oliveira
PhD Student

Processing-In-Memory | Memory Latency | Simulation

Can Firtina
PhD Student

Bioinformatics | Real-time signal analysis | Genome editing | Accelerating Genome Analysis

Konstantinos Kanellopoulos
PhD Student

Hardware/Software Interfaces | Hardware Security

Jeremie Kim
PhD Student

DRAM power/reliability/performance | Genome Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Core Microarchitecture

Joël Lindegger
PhD Student

Acceleration of the bioinformatics pipeline | Current and future computer architectures |  All kinds of algorithms and data structures

Nika Mansourighiasi
PhD Student

Processing-In-Memory | Emerging Memory & Processing Technologies

Rakesh Nadig
PhD Student

Memory/Storage Systems | NAND Flash Memory | Near-Storage Processing | Non-Volatile Memory | Machine Learning | Hybrid Memory/Storage Systems

Ataberk Olgun
PhD Student

DRAM | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Hardware Security

Abdullah Giray Yağlıkçı
PhD Student

DRAM power/reliability/performance/security | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Core Microarchitecture  


Masters & Bachelor Students

Luca Blum
Masters Student

Machine Learning | Computational Genomics | Bioinformatics | High-Performance Computing

Banu Cavlak
Masters Student

Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics | DRAM | Machine Learning

Julien Eudine
Masters Student

Computational Genomics | High-Performance Computing | Heterogeneous Computing Systems | Hardware acceleration 

Arvid Gollwitzer
Masters Student

Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics | Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Medical Applications | Clinical Metagenomics 

Haocong (Richard) Luo
Masters Student

DRAM | Memory Systems

Maria Makeenkova
Bachelor Student

DRAM | Processing-In-Memory

Aditya Manglik
Masters Student
Hardware Security | Energy Efficiency | Processing-in-Memory
Hong Chul Nam
Masters Student

Processing-in-memory | Machine Learning | Hardware/Software Codesign | ML Acceleration

Max Rumpf
Masters Student

Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics | Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Machine Learning

Steve Rhyner
Bachelor Student

DRAM | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Machine Learning Acceleration | Data Analysis

Axel Schwarzenbach
Bachelor Student, D-INFK

Processing-In-Memory | Memory | DRAM

Xavier Servot
Master's Student, D-INFK

Processing-in-Memory | Machine Learning model architecture | Compilers & runtime systems for processing-in-memory

Visiting Researchers & Students

Nanditha Rao

Visiting Researcher
Assistant Professor, IIIT-Bangalore

FPGA-acceleration | Bioinformatics | Processing in memory

Chetan Kumar Vudadha

Visiting Researcher
Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani

Multi-Valued Logic Circuits | Computer Architecture | Processing-in-Memory
Younjoo Lee

Visiting Bachelor Student (Seoul National University)

Computer architecture | FPGA-acceleration | Bioinformatics | Processing in Memory.

Yeejoo Han

Visiting Bachelor Student (Seoul National University)

Bioinformatics | Processing in memory | Hardware/Software cooperation.

Ethan Luan

Visiting Bachelor Student (University of Toronto, Computer Engineering)

DRAM | Hardware security

Filipe Mulonde

Visiting Research Fellow, Swiss Government Excellence Scholar

Melina Soysal

Visiting Masters Student (TU Munich)

Processing-In-Memory | Heterogeneous computing | Memory Systems

Ismail Emir Yüksel

Research Intern

DRAM | Resilient and Energy-efficient Hardware Design

Affiliated Researchers

Rachata Ausavarungnirun

Assistant Professor, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

GPUs | Heterogeneous computing | Interconnection Networks | Memory Systems 

Behzad Salami
Affiliated Researcher
Reconfigurable Computing | Processing-in-Memory | Resilient and Energy-efficient Hardware Design  
Christina Giannoula

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Toronto, EcoSystem Research Group

Hardware/Software Cooperation | Near-Data-Processing | High-Performance Computing

Damla Senol Cali

Staff Software Engineer, Hardware Acceleration, Bionano Genomics

Hardware acceleration for bioinformatics tools | Genome sequence analysis tools | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Memory systems

Ivan Fernandez Vega

Research Engineer, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Processing in Memory for data intensive Applications | Acceleration of memory bounded applications using new memory technologies such as 3D-stacked cubes and memristors.

Lois Orosa
Nastaran Hajinazar

Researcher Scientist, Intel Labs

Computer Architecture | Memory Systems | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Virtual Memory

Minesh Patel

Affiliated Researcher

DRAM power/reliability/performance | Core microarchitecture | OS/Compiler-HW interaction | Statistical modeling and simulation | Embedded systems

Nour Almadhoun Alserr

Affiliated Researcher

Data privacy | Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics

Gagandeep Singh
Research Staff, AMD

Computer architecture | FPGA acceleration | Machine learning | Near-memory computing

Yahya Can Tuğrul

Masters Student at TOBB

DRAM | Hardware Security

Group Management

Christian Rossi
Executive Assistant

Personnel, HR | Finances & Accounting | Office Management

Tracy Ewen
Scientific Coordination

Communications | eLearning | Project Funding