Group members

Group Head

Onur Mutlu, Professor Dr.

Research Faculty

Saugata Ghose, Dr. (at CMU)
Computer Architecture | Memory Systems | Bioinformatics | Processing-In-Memory

Senior Researchers

Mohammed Alser, Dr.
Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Specialized/Heterogeneous Computing Systems | Processing-in-Memory

Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Dr. (at CMU)
GPUs | Heterogeneous computing | Interconnection Networks | Memory Systems 

Juan Gómez Luna, Dr.
Processing-In-Memory | Heterogeneous computing | Memory Systems | Bioinformatics | Medical imaging

Lois Orosa, Dr.
Hardware Security | Memory Systems | Neural Networks | Processing-In-Memory | Hardware Reliability | Microarchitecture

PhD Students

Amirali Boroumand   (at CMU)
Processing-In-Memory | Heterogeneous computing | Mobile Systems

Lukas Breitwieser  (at CERN)
Parallel Computing | High-Performance Computing | Distributed Systems | Large-Scale Simulations | Medical Applications | Heterogeneous Systems

Geraldo De Oliveira Junior
Processing-In-Memory | Memory Latency | Simulation

Can Firtina
Genome Assembly | Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Biologically-Inspired Computing Paradigms | Brain-Computer Interfaces | Phase-change memory

Nastaran Hajinazar  (at Simon Fraser University)
Virtual Memory | Memory Systems

Hasan Hassan
Memory Systems | DRAM | Near-memory processing | Hardware security

Kevin Hsieh   (at CMU)
Machine learning systems | Large-scale data analytics systems | Distributed systems | Processing-in-memory architectures | Domain-specific accelerators

Jeremie Kim
DRAM power/reliability/performance | Genome Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Core Microarchitecture

Minesh Patel
DRAM power/reliability/performance | Core microarchitecture | OS/Compiler-HW interaction | Statistical modeling and simulation | Embedded systems

Ivan Puddu
Hardware security | Systems security

Damla Senol   (at CMU)
Hardware acceleration for bioinformatics tools | Genome sequence analysis tools | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Memory systems

Nandita Vijaykumar   (visiting from CMU)
Expressive Interfaces | Cross-layer Design | Heterogeneous computing

Giray Yaglikci
Memory Systems | DRAM

Masters Students

Nika Mansourighiasi
Processing-In-Memory | Emerging Memory & Processing Technologies

Roknoddin Azizibarzoki
DRAM power/reliability/performance

Taha Shahroodi
System security | Bioinformatics | Memory systems | DRAM | Near-memory processing

João Dinis Sanches Ferreira

Academic Guests

Soramichi Akiyama, Professor Dr.  (University of Tokyo)
Memory Systems | Approximate Memory | Operating Systems

Skanda Koppula  (Fulbright Scholar, MIT)
Machine Learning | Approximate Systems | Hardware Security

Christina Giannoula  (PhD, National Technical University of Athens)
Architecture-Aware High Performance Computing | Algorithm Engineering | Processing-in-Memory Architectures | Hardware/Software Cooperation

Ivan Fernandez-Vega (PhD, University of Malaga)
Processing-in-Memory | Embedded Systems | Time Series Analysis | Simulation

Neethu Bal Mallya
Memory Systems | Near-memory Processing |  Simulation


Konstantinos Kanellopoulos
Hardware/Software Interfaces | Hardware Security

Ataberk Olgun
DRAM | Memory Systems

Haocong Luo

Nisa Bostanci

Pranjali Jain
Memory systems | Processing In-Memory

Bachelor Students

Ege Karaismailoglu
Burak Kaya
Lara Lazier
Batuhan Tömekce

Group Administration

Tracy Ewen, Dr.


Alumni, former SAFARI group members at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)