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Extended Reading List

Most of the readings we will touch on are provided in the course slides. You can find most readings here

As time permits, other covered or mentioned readings will be provided on this page.

Readings for Topic 1 (Memory Trends and Basics)

DRAM Basics

DRAM Refresh

Simulating Memory

Memory Control

Readings for Topic 2 (Memory Reliability and Security)


Large-Scale Memory Reliability Studies

DRAM Testing Infrastructure

DRAM Refresh and Data Retention

Heterogeneous Reiability Memory

Readings for Topic 3 (In-Memory Computation)

Runahead Execution

Data Movement Cost in Mobile Devices

In-DRAM Computation and Data Movement

Processing in 3D-Stacked Memory and Memory Controllers

Coherence Support

Data Structures for In-Memory Computation

Simulation Infrastructures for In-Memory Computation

New Applications and Use Cases for In-Memory Computation

Enabling Adoption of In-Memory Computation

Readings for Topic 4 (Low-Latency Memory)

Tackling the Fixed-Latency Mindset

Exploiting the Latency-Voltage-Reliability Tradeoffs for Energy and Security

Reducing Refresh Latency

Low-Latency Memory Architectures

Memory Power Consumption and Modeling

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