Huawei OlympusMons Award for our work in storage systems

We’d like to congratulate Onur Mutlu and team on their recent Huawei OlympusMons Award, in recognition of their work on “Data-Centric & Data-Driven Storage System Design for High Performance, Efficiency and Reliability”.  This award recognizes and enables the acceleration of synergistic collaborations between academia, industry and research, helping to guide the direction of basic theoretical research in the field of global data storage.  Onur Mutlu is the first non-Chinese recipient of this major industry award, recently given at the award ceremony on April 7 2023.

Onur Mutlu, “Reinventing Computing & Storage”, OlympusMons Award Keynote Speech, April 7 2023 [Slides (pptx) (pdf)]

SAFARI Research Group, award team members: (also representing past team members who have contributed to SAFARI Storage Systems research): Mohammad Sadrosadati, Juan Gómez-Luna, Nika Mansourighiasi, Rakesh Nadig

The award recognizes the fundamental and impactful contributions to the research and practice of modern storage systems.  The work of Professor Onur Mutlu and his team has enabled major breakthroughs in the design of modern storage systems in terms of efficiency, performance, reliability, lifetime, and customization for emerging data-intensive workloads (such as genome analysis, data analytics, machine learning).  It addresses many key issues in storage system design, ranging from emerging applications/workloads to emerging technologies (such as low-latency NAND flash, hybrid memories, hybrid storage systems, PCM, MRAM), application-driven data-centric storage system designs, machine learning based data-driven storage system design & management, processing inside storage systems, and various open-source infrastructures to enable open innovation in storage systems. His work spans many computing layers from applications, algorithms, systems to architectures, devices, and emerging technologies.  His research contributions have greatly improved both performance and energy efficiency as well as reliability and endurance of cutting-edge storage systems, and have enabled application-driven specialization of the storage system (and the entire system) in a data-centric manner to maximize value and efficiency, especially for applications like machine learning, data analytics, and genome analysis.  This award honors a multitude of innovative and impactful research contributions in storage systems that have ultimately led to significant increases in overall system efficiency and dependability. A significant number of these works have had a strong influence on industry, influencing the design of state-of-the-art SSDs and storage controllers. In addition, many of Professor Mutlu’s works have been used in the storage industry as seminal educational material to educate generations of engineers. His open source infrastructures have also significantly influenced industrial as well as academic research.

Huawei OlympusMons Award Announcement (in English):
Huawei OlympusMons Award Announcement (in Chinese):


The following is a short list of valuable & impactful publications related to the award, from relatively recent (2017-2022) research works of the SAFARI Research Group. Several other past publications (spanning 2009-2022) of the group have also been valuable & impactful, and some received best paper awards, persistent impact prize, and featured in industry journals.

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