Group Head

Onur Mutlu, Professor Dr.

Research Faculty

Saugata Ghose, Dr. (at CMU)
Computer Architecture | Memory Systems | Bioinformatics | Processing-In-Memory

Senior Researchers

Mohammed Alser, Dr.
Bioinformatics | Computational Genomics | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Specialized/Heterogeneous Computing Systems | Processing-in-Memory

Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Dr. (at CMU)
GPUs | Heterogeneous computing | Interconnection Networks | Memory Systems 

Juan Gómez Luna, Dr.
Processing-In-Memory | Heterogeneous computing | Memory Systems | Bioinformatics | Medical imaging

Lois Orosa, Dr.
Hardware Security | Memory Systems | Neural Networks | Processing-In-Memory | Hardware Reliability | Microarchitecture

Jawad Haj-Yahya, Dr.
Energy efficient computing | Power management architecture | Power modeling | Hardware security | Machine learning hardware | Design Verification | Compilers

Jisung Park, Dr. 
Computer Architecture | Memory Systems | Storage Systems | NAND Flash Memory | System Security

PhD Students

Rahul Bera
Memory systems | Prefetching | Near memory computing

Amirali Boroumand   (at CMU)
Processing-In-Memory | Heterogeneous computing | Mobile Systems

Lukas Breitwieser  (at CERN)
Parallel Computing | High-Performance Computing | Distributed Systems | Large-Scale Simulations | Medical Applications | Heterogeneous Systems

Geraldo De Oliveira Junior
Processing-In-Memory | Memory Latency | Simulation

Can Firtina
Genome Assembly | Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Biologically-Inspired Computing Paradigms | Brain-Computer Interfaces | Phase-change memory

Nastaran Hajinazar  (visiting from Simon Fraser University)
Virtual Memory | Memory Systems

Hasan Hassan
Memory Systems | DRAM | Near-memory processing | Hardware security

Kevin Hsieh   (at CMU)
Machine learning systems | Large-scale data analytics systems | Distributed systems | Processing-in-memory architectures | Domain-specific accelerators

Jeremie Kim
DRAM power/reliability/performance | Genome Sequence Analysis & Alignment | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Core Microarchitecture

Minesh Patel
DRAM power/reliability/performance | Core microarchitecture | OS/Compiler-HW interaction | Statistical modeling and simulation | Embedded systems

Ivan Puddu
Hardware security | Systems security

Damla Senol   (at CMU)
Hardware acceleration for bioinformatics tools | Genome sequence analysis tools | Hardware/Software Cooperation | Processing-in-Memory | Memory systems

Nandita Vijaykumar   (visiting from CMU)
Expressive Interfaces | Cross-layer Design | Heterogeneous computing

Giray Yaglikci
Memory Systems | DRAM

Masters Students

Nika Mansourighiasi
Processing-In-Memory | Emerging Memory & Processing Technologies

Roknoddin Azizibarzoki
DRAM power/reliability/performance

Taha Shahroodi
System security | Bioinformatics | Memory systems | DRAM | Near-memory processing

João Dinis Sanches Ferreira

Academic Guests

Christina Giannoula  (PhD student, National Technical University of Athens)
Architecture-Aware High Performance Computing | Algorithm Engineering | Processing-in-Memory Architectures | Hardware/Software Cooperation

Ivan Fernandez-Vega (PhD student, University of Malaga)
Processing-in-Memory | Embedded Systems | Time Series Analysis | Simulation

Neethu Bal Mallya
Memory Systems | Near-memory Processing |  Simulation


Konstantinos Kanellopoulos
Hardware/Software Interfaces | Hardware Security

Ataberk Olgun
DRAM | Memory Systems

Haocong Luo

Nisa Bostanci

Kalliopi Tzimi
Memory Systems | Storage Technologies | NAND Flash Memory

Bachelor Students

Ege Karaismailoglu
Burak Kaya
Lara Lazier
Batuhan Tömekce

Group Administration

Tracy Ewen, Dr.

SAFARI Alumni and former group members

Soramichi Akiyama, Prof. (University of Tokyo)  (Visiting Professor, Apr – Oct 2019)

Skanda Koppula  (Fulbright Scholar 2018-2109)

Pranjali Jain  (Intern 2019)

Yusen Li, Prof. (Nankai University)  (Visiting Professor, summer 2019)

Alumni, former SAFARI group members at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)