BIO-Arch: Workshop on Hardware Acceleration of Bioinformatics Workloads


BIO-Arch is a new forum for presenting and discussing new ideas in accelerating bioinformatics workloads with the co-design of hardware & software and the use of new computer architectures. Our goal is to discuss new system designs tailored for bioinformatics. BIO-Arch aims to bring together researchers in the bioinformatics, computational biology, and computer architecture communities to strengthen the progress in accelerating bioinformatics analysis (e.g., genome analysis) with efficient system designs that include hardware acceleration and software systems tailored for new hardware technologies.



BIO-Arch will be held in The Social Facilities of İstanbul Technical University on April 14. Detailed information about how to arrive at the venue location with various transportation options can be found on the RECOMB website.

Our panel discussion will be held in conjunction with the main RECOMB conference. The panel discussion will be held in Marriott Şişli on April 17 at 17:00. You can find the detailed information about the main venue location on the RECOMB website. You can find the program schedule of the main conference here.


Call for contributions

This workshop is composed of invited talks on the general topic of systems design and acceleration of bioinformatics workloads. There are a limited number of slots for other talks. If you would like to deliver such a talk on related topics, please contact us by filling out this form. We invite abstract submissions related to (but not limited to) the following topics in the context of genome analysis:

  • Architectures for emerging technologies and applications
  • Accelerator-based, application-specific, and reconfigurable architectures
  • In-/near-memory or in-/near-storage processing
  • Processor, memory, and storage architectures
  • Hardware/software co-design for genome analysis
  • GPGPU/GPU Computing


YouTube Livestream

We will be livestreaming the workshop on YouTube. You can watch the workshop live:


Talks (April 14, 2023)

Tentative schedule of the program can be found here


Panel on Hardware Acceleration of Bioinformatics Workloads (April 17, 2023)