Our research is in computer architecture, systems, security, and bioinformatics.  Our research objective is to advance the hardware/software architecture of computer systems and microprocessors in novel ways such that their performance, reliability, and efficiency are significantly improved to allow discoveries in science and developments in technology and engineering that will increase the quality of human life in the world.

Our work spans and stretches the boundaries between applications, systems, languages, system software, compilers, and hardware. We tackle many issues in high performance, energy efficiency, hardware security, fault tolerance, predictable systems, dependable systems, and hardware/software cooperation. We are especially excited about novel, fundamentally-secure and fundamentally-efficient computation, communication and memory/storage paradigms, applied to emerging systems, technologies, and bioinformatics/medical applications. We are also excited about system design for bioinformatics and biologically inspired computing paradigms.

Although we have broad research interests in computing, we are especially interested in holistic architectural solutions that involve intelligent and efficient cooperation between the algorithm designer, the programmer, the compiler, the instruction set architecture, the microarchitecture, and the underlying circuits.


Our research is supported by several industry partners including:

Semiconductor Research Corporation

We welcome donations and support from industry and interested parties.