PhD Alumni

Minesh Patel (defended 01 October 2021)
Thesis: Enabling Effective Error Mitigation in Modern Memory Chips that Use On-Die ECC
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]

Damla Senol Cali (defended 15 July 2021, First job: Staff Software Engineer, Hardware Acceleration at Bionano Genomics)
Thesis: Accelerating Genome Sequence Analysis via Efficient Hardware/Algorithm Co-Design
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]

Nastaran Hajinazar (defended 4 June 2021, Currently: Affiliated Researcher, SAFARI Research Group)
Thesis: Data-Centric and Data-Aware Frameworks for Fundamentally Efficient Data Handling in Modern Computing Systems
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]

Gagandeep Singh (defended 29 March 2021, First job: Postdoc SAFARI Research Group)
Thesis: Designing, Modeling, and Optimizing Data-Intensive Computing Systems
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]

Amirali Boroumand (defended 17 November 2020)
Thesis: Practical Mechanisms for Reducing Processor-Memory Data Movement in Modern Workloads
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Jeremie Kim, (defended 13 July 2020, Currently: PhD Student (Bioinformatics) SAFARI Research Group)
Thesis: Improving DRAM Performance, Security, and Reliability by Understanding and Exploiting DRAM Timing Parameter Margins
Slides (pptx) (pdf)
2020 EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Award

Nandita Vijaykumar (defended Oct 2019, First job: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto)
Thesis: Enhancing Programmability, Portability, and Performance with Rich Cross-Layer Abstractions
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Kevin Hsieh (defended September 2019, First job: Microsoft Research)
Thesis: Machine Learning Systems for Highly-Distributed and Rapidly-Growing Data
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Justin Meza (defended December 2018, First job: Research Scientist at Facebook)
Thesis: Large Scale Studies of Memory, Storage, and Network Failures in a Modern Data Center
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Mohammed Alser (defended June 2018, First job: PostDoc at ETH Zurich)
Thesis: Accelerating the Understanding of Life’s Code Through Better Algorithms and Hardware Design
Slides (pptx) (pdf)
Thesis awards:
IEEE Turkey Doctoral Dissertation Award
Yasser Arafat Award (The Best Palestinian PhD Student in Turkey)

Yixin Luo  (defended February 2018, First job: PostDoc at CMU)
Thesis: Architectural Techniques for Improving NAND Flash Memory Reliability
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Kevin Chang  (defended May 2017, First job: PostDoc at CMU)
Thesis: Understanding and Improving the Latency of DRAM-Based Memory Systems
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Rachata Ausavarungnirun (defended May 2017, First job: PostDoc at CMU)
Thesis: Techniques for Shared Resource Management in Systems with Throughput Processors
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Gennady Pekhimenko (defended July 2016, First job: Assistant Professor University of Toronto CS Department)
Thesis: Practical Data Compression for Modern Memory Hierarchies
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Vivek Seshadri (defended April 2016, First job: Microsoft Research, Bangalore, India)
Thesis: Simple DRAM and Virtual Memory Abstractions to Enable Highly Efficient Memory Subsystems
Slides (pptx) (pdf) | Video PhD talk

Donghyuk Lee (defended December 2015, First job: Nvidia Research, Austin, TX, USA)
Thesis: Reducing DRAM Latency at Low Cost by Exploiting Heterogeneity
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Yoongu Kim (defended May 2015, First job: at Software Robotics, Boston)
Thesis: Architectural Techniques to Enhance DRAM Scaling
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

Lavanya Subramanian (defended April 2015, First job: Intel Labs, Santa Clara, CA)
Thesis: Providing High and Controllable Performance in Multicore Systems Through Shared Resource Management
Slides (pptx) (pdf)

PostDoc and Senior Researcher Alumni

Jawad Haj-Yahya, Dr.  (2019-2021), current position: Principal Researcher, Huawei, Zurich Research Center

Arash Tavakkol, Dr. (2016 – 2018)

Masters Alumni

Taha Shahroodi (Fall 2020, Co-advisor: Mohammed Alser)

Nika Mansourighiasi (Fall 2019, Co-advisor: Juan Gómez Luna)

Vesna Resende Barros (Spring 2019)

Peter Resutik (Spring 2019)

Philipp Gamper (Fall 2017)

Undergraduate Alumni

Sven Gregorio (Fall 2019, Co-advisor: Juan Gómez Luna)

Rudolf Loretan (Summer 2019, Co-advisor: Juan Gómez Luna)

Tobias Büchli (Fall 2018)

Alex Breuss (Fall 2017)

Visiting Guests, Students and Interns

Mohammad/Hashem Haghbayan (Visiting Postdoc, Jan – June 2021, University of Turku, Finland)

David Novo (Visiting Scientist, Nov – Dec 2020, CNRS, ADAptive Computing (ADAC) group, Montpellier Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics (LIRMM))

Neethu Bal Mallya (Academic Guest, May 2019 – April 2020)

Chandan Kumar Jha (Visiting PhD student, July 2019 – Jan 2020, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar)

Ataberk Olgun (Intern, May – Dec 2019, TOBB University)

Nisa Bostanci (Intern, May – Dec 2019, TOBB University)

Haocong Luo (Intern, BSc student, Mar – Dec 2019, ShanghaiTech University)

Christina Giannoula  (Visiting PhD student, Jan – Dec 2019, National Technical University of Athens)

Ivan Fernandez-Vega (Visiting PhD student, April – Nov 2019, University of Malaga)

Kalliopi Tzimi (Intern Master’s student, Aug – Nov 2019, University of Patras)

Soramichi Akiyama, Prof.  (Visiting Professor, Apr – Oct 2019, University of Tokyo)

Skanda Koppula  (Fulbright Scholar, 2018-2109, now at: Google DeepMind)

Pranjali Jain  (Intern, May – July 2019)

Mohamed Hasan (Intern, D-INFK Summer Research Fellow, June – July 2019, University of Stuttgart)

Yusen Li, Prof.  (Visiting Professor, June – July 2019, Nankai University)

Seyyedmohammad Sadrosadati (Visiting PhD student, 2017)

Osman Boyaci (Visiting PhD student, 2017, ITU)

Fazal Hameed (Visiting PostDoc, 2017, TU Dresden)

Yaohua Wang (Visiting PostDoc, 2017, NUDT)

Kailin Yang (Intern, 2017, Tsinghua)

SAFARI at CMU Alumni
Post-Doc Alumni

Samira Khan, September 2015.
Currently Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia.
[Job Talk Slides (pptx) (pdf)]

Saugata Ghose, May 2017.
Currently Research Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University.

Kevin Chang, August 2017.
Currently at Facebook.

Yixin Luo, August 2018.
Currently at Google.

Rachata Ausavarungnirun, May 2019.
Currently at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok.

Graduate Student Alumni

Ameya Ambardekar: Intern, M.S. ECE, May 2013.

Chris Craik: M.S. ECE, Aug 2011.
Master’s Report: Investigating the Viability of Bufferless NoCs in Modern Chip Multi-Processor Systems.

Parag Dixit: Intern, M.S. ECE, May 2013

John Greth: Intern, M.S. ECE, May 2015.

Chris Fallin: M.S. ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, May 2011.

Mohammad Fattah: Intern, PhD student at University of Turku, Finland, in progress.

Matthias Grundmann: Intern, PhD student at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, in progress.

Tyler Huberty: Intern, M.S. ECE, Carnegie Mellon University, Jan 2014.

Jamie Jablin: Intern, Ph.D. student, Brown University, Sep 2013.

Ben Jaiyen: M.S. ECE, Jan 2013.

Abhijith Kashyap: M.S. ECE, May 2016.

Jamie Liu: M.S. ECE, Jan 2013.

Youyou Lu: Intern, Ph.D. student, Tsinghua University, in progress.

Justin Meza: M.S. ECE, May 2014.

Jinglei Ren: Intern, Ph.D. student, Tsinghua University, in progress.

Eddie Sears: Masters student, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.

Hui Wang: Intern, Ph.D. student. Beihang University, in progress.

Ying Wang: Intern, Ph.D. student, Chinese Academy of Science, in progress.

Gulay Yalcin: Intern, Ph.D., UPC. Student researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Samihan Yedkar: Intern, M.S. ECE, Jan 2013.

Hanbin Yoon: M.S. ECE, May 2013.
Master’s Report: Techniques for Data Mapping and Buffering to Exploit Asymmetry in Multi-Level Cell (Phase Change) Memory.

Jishen Zhao: Intern, Assistant Professor, University of California.

Undergraduate Student Alumni

Hitesh Arora: Summer undergraduate intern, 2013. IIT Guwahati, India.

Abhishek Bhowmick: Intern, B. Tech, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Albert Cho: Undergraduate intern, 2014. B.S. ECE CMU, May 2015.

Arnab Ghosh: Undergraduate researcher, 2014. B.S. IIT Kanpur, May 2015.

John Emmons: Undergraduate intern, Electrical Engineering, Washington University at St. Louis.

Rachael Harding: Undergraduate researcher, 2010. B.S. ECE CMU, Dec 2010. Currently a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yuchen Hao: Summer undergraduate intern, 2012. Tsinghua University, May 2012.

Jeremie Kim: Junior, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University.

Greg Nazario: Summer undergraduate intern, 2011. Senior B.S. student, CMU.

Harsha Rastogi: Summer undergraduate intern, 2012. BITS Pilani, India.

Weikun Yang: Summer undergraduate intern, 2014. Peking University, May 2015.

Xiangyao Yu: Summer undergraduate intern, 2011. Tsinghua University, May 2011. Currently a PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

High School Student Alumni

Aaron Cutright: Summer Intern, Pittsburgh Allderdice High School Senior, 2014

Visiting Scholar Alumni

Jongmoo Choi: Visiting professor. Dankook University, South Korea.

Hiroyuki Usui: Visiting researcher. Toshiba Corporation.