SAFARI contributions at MICRO 2023

We attended MICRO 2023 in Toronto, Oct 28-Nov 1, and had several contributions: we gave another successful Real-World PIM tutorial, presented several papers, posters and a lightning talk, and also received a few awards.  Thanks to all the organizers and participants for lively discussions and interactions; we enjoyed our time in Toronto!

Here’s an overview of our MICRO 2023 contributions:

Real-World PIM tutorial, Sunday, Oct 29
Organizers: Juan Gómez Luna, Onur Mutlu, Ataberk Olgun

We had invited talks from:
Abu SebastianIBM Research, Zurich, “PUM based on memristive devices: The IBM HERMES Project Chip”
Youngsok KimYonsei University, “PID-Join: A Fast In-Memory Join Algorithm for Commodity PIM-Enabled DIMMs”

+ Tutorial lectures and hands-on PIM session with Juan Gómez Luna, Onur Mutlu, Ataberk Olgun, Geraldo F. Oliveira covering:
– Introduction: PIM as a paradigm to overcome the data movement bottleneck.
– PIM taxonomy: PNM (processing near memory) and PUM (processing using memory).
– General-purpose PNM: UPMEM PIM.
– PNM for neural networks: Samsung HBM-PIM, SK Hynix AiM.
– PNM for recommender systems: Samsung AxDIMM, Alibaba PNM.
– PUM prototypes: PiDRAM, SRAM-based PUM, Flash-based PUM.
– DAMOV workload characterization methodology
– Other approaches: Neuroblade, Mythic.
– Adoption issues: How to enable PIM?

You can find the full program on our website:
And the full tutorial recording, with all talks:

Session Talks: 

Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Hong Chul Nam, F. Nisa Bostanci, Rahul Bera, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Rakesh Kumar, Davide Basilio Bartolini, and Onur Mutlu,
“Victima: Drastically Increasing Address Translation Reach by Leveraging Underutilized Cache Resources”
Proceedings of the 56th International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), Toronto, ON, Canada, November 2023.
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]
[arXiv version]
[Victima Source Code (Officially Artifact Evaluated with All Badges)]
Officially artifact evaluated as available, functional, reusable and reproducible.
Distinguished artifact award at MICRO 2023.

Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Rahul Bera, Kosta Stojiljkovic, Nisa Bostanci, Can Firtina, Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Rakesh Kumar, Nastaran Hajinazar, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Nandita Vijaykumar, and Onur Mutlu,
“Utopia: Fast and Efficient Address Translation via Hybrid Restrictive & Flexible Virtual-to-Physical Address Mappings”
Proceedings of the 56th International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), Toronto, ON, Canada, November 2023.
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]
[arXiv version]
[Utopia Source Code]

Taha Shahroodi, Gagandeep Singh, Mahdi Zahedi, Haiyu Mao, Joel Lindegger, Can Firtina, Stephan Wong, Onur Mutlu, and Said Hamdioui,
“Swordfish: A Framework for Evaluating Deep Neural Network-based Basecalling using Computation-In-Memory with Non-Ideal Memristors”
Proceedings of the 56th International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO), Toronto, ON, Canada, November 2023.
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]
[arXiv version]

Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Konstantinos Sgouras, Onur Mutlu,
“Virtuoso: An Open-Source, Comprehensive and Modular Simulation Framework for Virtual Memory Research”
[Slides (pdf) (pptx)]
[Preprint (pdf)]
[Poster (pdf)]
[Virtuoso source code]
ACM Student Research Competition (SRC), Grad Student Category.

Geraldo F. Oliveira, Emanuele G. Esposito, Juan Gómez-Luna and Onur Mutlu,
“PUMA: Efficient and Low-Cost Memory Allocation and Alignment Support for Processing-Using-Memory Architectures”
[Preprint (pdf)]
[Poster (pdf)]


Talk & Poster presentation:
A. Giray Yağlıkçı and Onur Mutlu,
“Enabling Efficient Read Disturbance Mitigation by Understanding the Vulnerability of Modern Memory Chips”
[Poster (pdf)]
[Slides (pdf) (pptx)]
[Talk video (3 mins)]
[See Giray’s website for his related recent papers]

Awards and honors:

Distinguished Artifact Award for Konstantinos Kanellopoulos and co-authors for their work on Victima.
[Read more on the award]
[See above for links to paper, code and slides]

ACM Student Research Competition, Graduate Award, Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, Virtuouso:
[See above for links to paper, code and slides]

Mohammad Sadrosadati was inducted into the MICRO Hall of Fame
[Read more]

Congratulations to Mohammad, Konstantinos and co-authors!

The full MICRO 2023 program can be found here

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