SAFARI-EFCL Seminar: Reetu Das, May 21 2024

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI-EFCL Seminar

This seminar is jointly hosted by the ETH Future Computing Laboratory (EFCL).

Speaker: Reetu Das, Associate Professor, University of Michigan

Date: Tuesday, May 21 2024, 15:00 Zurich time (CEST)
Where: Online Livestream (Link)

Title: Landscape of Genomics for Systems Research

Genomics and precision health can transform medicine over the next few decades. We can detect cancer several years earlier through simple blood tests, without invasive biopsies. We can tailor treatment plans based on mutations in a cancer cell. We can detect rare genetic disorders, assess disease risks, and intervene early. We can identify infectious pathogens early enough to prevent pandemics and avoid the indiscriminate use of broad-spectrum antibiotics. Better drugs could be discovered by understanding the biological mechanisms of complex diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This talk will cover the wide landscape of genomics applications that drive precision health and discuss systems challenges. One aspect we will cover in depth is a programmable solution to genomics acceleration.

Speaker Bio:
Reetu Das is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan. Prior to this, she was a research scientist at Intel Labs, and the researcher-in-residence for the Center for Future Architectures Research. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Some of her recent projects include in-memory architectures, custom computing for precision health and AI, fine-grain heterogeneous core architectures for mobile systems, and low-power scalable interconnects for kilo-core processors. She has authored over 75 papers, filed 7 patents, served on over 40 technical program committees, and serves as chair of the ACM SIGMICRO executive committee. She has received two IEEE Top Picks awards, an NSF CAREER award, CRA-W’s Borg Early Career Award, Intel Outstanding Researcher Award, and Sloan Foundation Fellowship. Prof. Das has been inducted into IEEE/ACM MICRO and ISCA Hall of Fame.

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