SAFARI highlights at ISCA 2023

Our group enjoyed several highlights this year at ISCA 2023 as we also celebrated ISCA turning 50!

ISCA 2023 Presentations & Distinguished Artifact Award:

Haocong Luo, Ataberk Olgun, Giray Yaglikci, Yahya Can Tugrul, Steve Rhyner, M. Banu Cavlak, Joel Lindegger, Mohammad Sadrosadati, and Onur Mutlu,
“RowPress: Amplifying Read Disturbance in Modern DRAM Chips”
Proceedings of the 50th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), Orlando, FL, USA, June 2023.
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[Lightning Talk Video (3 minutes)]
[RowPress Source Code and Datasets (Officially Artifact Evaluated with All Badges)]
Officially artifact evaluated as available, reusable and reproducible.
Distinguished artifact award at ISCA 2023.
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Rakesh Nadig, Mohammad Sadrosadati, Haiyu Mao, Nika Mansouri Ghiasi, Arash Tavakkol, Jisung Park, Hamid Sarbazi-Azad, Juan Gómez Luna, and Onur Mutlu,
“Venice: Improving Solid-State Drive Parallelism at Low Cost via Conflict-Free Accesses”
Proceedings of the 50th International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), Orlando, FL, USA, June 2023.
[arXiv version]
[Slides (pptx) (pdf)]
[Lightning Talk Slides (pptx) (pdf)]
[Lightning Talk Video (3 minutes)]
[Talk Video (14 minutes, including Q&A)]


[1] Real-World PIM Tutorial:  We had a successful tutorial on “Real-world Processing-in-Memory Systems for Modern Workloads”, organized by Juan Gómez Luna, Onur Mutlu, Ataberk Olgun.  The tutorial focused on the latest advances in PIM technology, with several lectures and a hand-on labs using real PIM systems.  Thanks to our invited speakers Sukhan Lee, Samsung Electronics, Izzat El Hajj, American University of Beirut, and Christina Giannoula, University of Toronto and all our participants for a successful tutorial.

Read-World PIM tutorial website ISCA 2023:
Read-World PIM tutorial website ASPLOS 2023:
Read-World PIM tutorial website HPCA 2023:

[2] Accelerator Architecture in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (AACBB) Workshop:  We presented several papers at the AACBB workshop, organized by our BioPIM project partners.

You can find the full program here:  We’ll. post our talks on RUBICON, Scrooge, TargetCall, RawHash & BLEND soon!  You can find all related resources for our contributions on our pages here: and in our recent June newsletter:

ISCA-50 birthday panel:

Onur Mutlu was honored to participate in the ISCA-50 birthday panel.
Moderator: Parthasarathy Ranganathan (Google)
Panelists: Dave Patterson (Google), Margaret Martonosi (Princeton University and NSF), Todd Austin (University of Michigan and Agita Labs), Onur Mutlu (ETH Zurich), Luis Ceze (University of Washington and OctoML), and Thierry Tambe (Harvard University)

ISCA@50 Retrospective: 5 of our papers chosen:

We were very honored to have 5 of our papers recognized in the celebratory retrospective for ISCA-50 from the past 25 years of ISCA.  You can read more here.

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