ACM Student Research Competition at PACT 2023

We attended PACT 2023 in Vienna, October 21-25, and several of our students presented at the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC).  The ACM SRC is a forum for graduate and undergraduate students to share their research results, exchange ideas, and improve their communication skills while competing for prizes.  At PACT 2023, the top 3 undergraduate and graduate received awards, and the first-place winner in each category (undergraduate, graduate) will go on to participate in the SRC Grand Finals, an online round of competitions among the first-place winners of individual conference-hosted SRCs.

We received several awards at the SRC at PACT 2023:

PACT 2023 SRC Undergrad Category:
1. Lukas Zink

PACT 2023 SRC Grad Student Category:
1. Giray Yaglikci
2. Geraldo F. Oliveira
3. Xavier Servot

Congratulations to Lukas, Giray, Geraldo & Xavier, and good luck in the Grand Finals!

Watch our talks here: PACT 2023 SRC SAFARI talk video playlist

Lukas Zink, Juan Gómez Luna, Christina Giannoula, Onur Mutlu, “Towards Throughput-oriented Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication on a Processing-in-Memory System”
[Poster (PDF)] [Talk slides (PDF)] [Talk video (10 mins)]

Abdullah Giray Yağlıkci, Onur Mutlu, “Understanding and Leveraging the Spatial Variation in Read Disturbance Vulnerability of Real DRAM Chips”
[Poster (PDF)] [Talk slides (PDF)] [Talk video (10 mins)] [Preprint (PDF)]

Geraldo F. Oliveira, Onur Mutlu, “DaPPA: A Data-Parallel Framework for Processing-in-Memory Architectures”
[Poster (PDF)] [Talk slides (PDF)] [Talk video (10 mins)] [Preprint (PDF)]

Xavier Servot, Juan Gómez Luna, Onur Mutlu, “WNN-PiM: Accelerating Weightless Neural Network Inference and Training on a Real Processing-in-Memory System”
[Poster (PDF)] [
Talk slides (PDF)] [Talk video (10 mins)]

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