Join us for Track 4 at the EFCL Summer School in June

We’ll be leading Track 4 at the EFCL Summer School in June and there are still places available!  You can register here.

Our series of lectures in Computer Architecture and Memory Systems will focus on building fundamentally better, data-​centric, data-​driven, and data-​aware architectures in computer systems.

You will learn:

  • An introduction to intelligent architectures that are NOT overwhelmed by data
  • How to architect fundamentally secure/reliable/safe systems
  • How to architect fundamentally energy-​efficient systems
  • How to architect fundamentally low-​latency and predictable architectures
  • How to design accelerators for modern data-​intensive applications, e.g., AI/ML (including LLMs), Genomics, Medical & Health Systems, Graph Analytics, Data Analytics

The course will be in English with support from the SAFARI Research Group at ETH Zurich.

Nine 2-hour modules with lectures from the SAFARI Research Group and international collaborators.

Limited to 50 participants

Prerequisites: General knowledge on computer architectures

Preliminary Agenda for Track 4:

We will have 18 hours of lectures focused on computer architecture and memory systems. Below, you can find the detailed (preliminary) agenda, together with some related sample lectures from Prof. Mutlu’s courses. You can find the complete list of Prof. Mutlu’s courses on this link:

  • Basics of Modern Memory Systems: Caching, Memory, Storage
  • Memory reliability, security, safety
  • Accelerating ML, Genomics, and data-intensive workloads: SIMD/GPU/Systolic Arrays
  • Memory-Centric Computing and Storage-Centric Computing
  • Memory System for ML and ML for Memory System


Prof. Mutlu has taught in several summer schools. Here are two examples where you can find the lectures and talks:

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