SAFARI Live Seminar: Christina Giannoula, July 6 2023

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar. Speaker: Christina Giannoula, University of Toronto Date: Thursday, July 6 2023, 17:00 Zurich time (CEST) Where: Livestream on YouTube (Link) Title: DaeMon: Architectural […]

SAFARI Live Seminar: Ercument Cicek, June 2 2023

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar. Speaker: Ercument Cicek, Bilkent University (currently on sabbatical at EPFL) Date: Friday, June 2 2023, 11:00 Zurich time (CEST) Where: ETZ E81 & […]

SAFARI Live Seminar: Jian Huang, May 17 2023

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar. Speaker: Jian Huang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Date: Wednesday, May 17 2023, 17:00 Zurich time (CEST) Where: Livestream on YouTube (Link) Title: The ISA of Modern […]

SAFARI-EFCL Seminar: Lizy Kurian John, May 12 2023

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar, co-organized by the ETH Future Computing Laboratory (EFCL). Date: Friday, May 12 2023, 11:00 Zurich time (CEST) Where: HG F 26.1 & Livestream on YouTube (Link) Speaker: Lizy Kurian […]

SAFARI Live Seminar: Yiran Chen, April 18 2023

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar, co-sponsored by IEEE Swiss CAS Chapter Speaker: Yiran Chen, Duke University, John Cocke Distinguished Professor, Fellow of the AAAS/ACM/IEEE Where: ML E12 & Livestream on YouTube (Link) […]

Real-World PIM Tutorial at ISCA 2023

  We’re excited to organize another Real-World PIM tutorial, this time at ISCA 2023 in Orlando!  In case you missed our tutorials at ASPLOS 2023 or HPCA 2023, join us […]

SAFARI Live Seminar: Simone Campanoni, April 4 2023

  Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar Speaker: Simone Campanoni, ARCANA research lab, Northwestern University  Where: HG E 23 & Livestream on YouTube Link Date:  Tuesday, April 4 2023, ​​14:00 Zurich time […]

Real-World PIM Tutorial at ASPLOS23

ASPLOS 2023 Tutorial: Real-world Processing-in-Memory Systems for Modern Workloads Sunday, March 26, 2023 (held during ASPLOS 2023, March 25 – 29, Vancouver, Canada) in person and online. Tutorial Website: […]

SAFARI Live Seminar: Haiyu Mao, March 29 2023

Join us for our upcoming SAFARI Live Seminar Speaker:  Haiyu Mao, SAFARI Research Group, ETH Zurich Where: Livestream on YouTube Link & HG D 5.3 Date:  Wednesday, March 29 2023, ​​13:00 Zurich time (CEST) Title: […]

Best Artifact Award for BioDynaMo at PPoPP 2023!

We’d like to congratulate Lukas Breitwieser and co-authors Ahmad Hesam, Fons Rademakers, Juan Gómez Luna, Onur Mutlu on receiving the Best Artifact Award at PPoPP 2023 for BioDynaMo, a flexible […]

HiPEAC Best Paper Award for MetaSys

Congratulations to SAFARI Research Group members Nandita Vijaykumar, Ataberk Olgun, Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, F. Nisa Bostanci, Hasan Hassan, Mehrshad Lotfi, Phillip B. Gibbons, and Onur Mutlu, for their Best Paper Award at the HiPEAC […]

Minesh Patel awarded an ETH Doctoral Medal

  We’d like to congratulate Minesh Patel on receiving an ETH Doctoral Medal for his outstanding Doctoral thesis.  Minesh’s dissertation, “Enabling Effective Error Mitigation in Modern Memory Chips that Use […]